Why Pastured?

Superior Nutrition

Research shows that pastured meat and eggs are nutritionally superior to animals raised in confinement feeding operations. Pastured animals are allowed to express their natural instincts and live free of constraints and artificial environments. Lower fat and higher Omega-3’s are just a few of the many nutritional benefits from grass fed animals.

Safe & Sustainable

By mimicking nature we allow natural cycles the opportunity to build diversity and fertility in our land. Increased fertility leads to healthier animals that give us nutritionally superior foods. We follow many sustainable practices. Here are a few:

  • No antibiotics, vaccines, wormers, or hormone implants are ever used.
  • Natural crop rotations reduce weeds and harmful insects.
  • All grain stored on farm to guarantee origin and quality.
  • Manure is composted to capture key nutrients normally lost.
  • Managed Intensive Grazing of pastures builds fertility and control weeds.

Diversity- The key to Sustainability

Our farm encompasses river bottom on the South Platte, irrigated crop land, dry and irrigated pastures, and a year round flowing creek. Migrating bald and golden eagles, coyotes, raccoons, muskrats, squirrels, wild turkeys, pheasants and many other species of birds and mammals are often observed. This vast array of wildlife is vital to maintaining a sustainable and diverse farm.